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Amazon will remove Washington merchandise

The places to buy Washington merchandise are becoming fewer and farther between.

Via Annie Palmer of CNBC.com, Amazon has notified sellers that it will no longer sell on its platform items relating to the Washington NFL franchise. Sellers have 48 hours to remove the flagged items, including jerseys, T-shirts, and jewelry.

Amazon confirmed to Palmer that Washington merchandise is being removed.

“Failure to properly close or delete all restricted product listings from your inventory may result in deactivation,” the company warned sellers.

Nike, Wal-Mart, Target, and Dick’s have stopped selling Washington merchandise. Fanatics and NFLShop.com will continue to do so.

Amazon’s gesture has added significance because Amazon founder and owner Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post — and he already has been mentioned as a viable candidate to secure majority ownership in the franchise, if Daniel Snyder throws his hands in the air and cashes out.

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