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Richard Sherman contrasts coaching styles of Pete Carroll, Kyle Shanahan

In his first nine seasons in the NFL, Richard Sherman has played in three Super Bowls as a part of two different teams in the NFC West. The last two appearances came under Pete Carroll with the Seattle Seahawks as a part of his seven seasons with the team. His last two seasons have been spent with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco as the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl last season.

Carroll is a defensive coach while Shanahan is lauded as an offensive mastermind. Both have proven to be successful head coaches in the NFL.

In an article from Jim Trotter of NFL.com, Sherman contrasted the similarities and differences of the two head coaches he’s played for during his career.

“(Carroll) has a way of coaching, a way of talking to his coaches, a way of having his coaches talk to his players. They don’t do the whole rah-rah, curse-you-out style. He would never hire a coach like that,” Sherman said regarding their interaction with players. “Kyle is similar in that he has a philosophy of the best man plays. He doesn’t care about your draft position or any of that. He’s more of a straight shooter than Pete. Pete has a way of making sure everybody feels good, making sure he pushes buttons with certain players and not pushing buttons on other players. Kyle is different. He’s one size fits all.”

Meanwhile, coaches have to be well-versed in the game on the field as well and not just adept at player management in order to get their teams to truly succeed. Sherman said both Shanahan and Carroll have the coaching acumen that is necessary to succeed.

“Kyle is one of the best offensive minds we’ve ever had in this game. That comes into it,” Sherman said. “With Pete, it’s the Cover 3 he brought to the league. It seems so simple, but nobody can run it like we ran it. The way both of them implement what they do — they talk to others on a personal level, then have the great coaches around them who believe in their philosophy.”

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